Last updated on: 08/06/2020

The 'cumulative P&L (profit and loss)' is a return-oriented indicator which presents how many FOOTBID coins you effectively won or lost in the platform until a given moment.

The main contributor for this indicator is usually the individual profit or loss from players' shares sold (i.e. sale price discounted of any transfer fees minus the purchase price). Other sources of income or cost are also considered, such as dividends, pay-outs, performance prizes and penalties.

For this calculation, all deposits, withdrawals and coin offerings are disregarded, as well as any investments not closed (i.e. player's shares not yet sold).

For simplicity, the main performance indicador in FOOTBID is the current value of all assets held by a given user [FAQ 2.11].

This indicator considers both coins available and current market value of the players in the portfolio and it is displayed on the respective user's row or card in the Network.

As an alternative measure for performance, focused instead on the returns obtained and expected in the platform, you may consider the sum of two key indicators available in the user's detail page: (i) 'total portfolio change' and (ii) 'overall profit or loss' in the platform.

(i) 'Total portfolio change' represents the difference between the current price of the shares held on the user's portfolio and the amount initially invested on them [FAQ 2.10]. This value may be negative if the shares have mostly lost value since your initial investment.

(ii) 'Overall profit or loss' represents how many FOOTBID coins a user effectively won or lost in the platform so far [FAQ 2.12]. These include, for instance, the sale of a player's share as well as dividends, pay-outs or performance prizes received as a reward for the user's investment performance.