Last updated on: 08/06/2020

On the right hand-side of the Hub (or on the top of that section, if you are using a mobile device) there is a notification centre, ordered from the most recent to the oldest, so that you are always up to date in your FOOTBID experience.

These notifications are received in key moments of your interaction with the platform, namely after the following actions take place:

  1. Portfolio: (i) welcome offer received, (ii) referral coins received, (iii) dividends received;
  2. Market: (i) buy order placed at player you own, (ii) sell order placed at player you shortlisted, (iii) new player added to the Market, (iv) player removed from the Market, (v) player share(s) sold to FOOTBID due to player removal from the Market;
  3. Orders: (i) player share bought from pending order, (ii) player share sold from pending order, (iii) order expired, (iv) order(s) cancelled due to player removal from the Market;
  4. Leagues: (i) league cancelled due to insufficient participants, (ii) league finished (with information on your position and prize received, if any);
  5. Network: (i) request received from a friend, (ii) request accepted by a friend, (iii) level up.

Notifications may assume one of two different status: unread or read.

Unread notifications are triggered from an external event, such as a pending order being met or a league finishing. These notifications will be highlighted in green on the notifications centre and the total active notifications will always be displayed on the green bubble on the upper right-side of your avatar.

Read notifications are the ones you have already checked () [FAQ 2.6]. These will not be highlighted on the notifications centre and will not be accounted for on your avatar's notification bubble.

In a previous section [FAQ 2.4] you can check all of the different notifications you may receive in FOOTBID.

Once a friend request is sent, you will be notified in your Dashboard, through the ' Hub' [FAQ 2.4].

You may see all of the pending friend requests from other users in ' Friend Requests'. To accept a pending request simply press and to reject press .