Last updated on: 08/06/2020

The 'investment in player portfolio' is the total amount of FOOTBID coins you have used to purchase the shares you currently own.

It does not take into consideration any market price fluctuations that have happened since your purchases, thus not representing the actual current valuation of your portfolio.

The 'portfolio value change' represents the variation (positive or negative) that your investment in player portfolio has suffered if the current market price [FAQ 4.12] of the shares you own is considered (instead of their purchasing cost).

The current market value of your portfolio (i.e. the expected gross income if you'd sell all shares at the Market) can be calculated by summing up the 'investment in player portfolio' indicator [FAQ 2.9] and the 'portfolio value change'.

The total value of your assets is displayed on the small dashboard on the navbar, as the largest sized figure, next to your name. It is the result of summing up your liquidity and the current market value of your portfolio (both these figures are also displayed on the navbar on the line below, so that you are always aware of your holdings).

For a deeper dive, you can get to the value of your holdings by adding your 'coins available for investment' [FAQ 2.8] to your 'investment in player portfolio' [FAQ 2.9], duly incremented or reduced by the 'portfolio value change' [FAQ 2.10].

In any case, please note that the current market value of your portfolio is an estimate which considers the latest market price for each player. If market conditions change, you may not be able to sell the intended shares at that price.

Yes. A player's total cost is displayed on the 'Investment' column of the ' My Players' section, which sums the individual cost of each share bought for that player.

To see the total cost of your portfolio you may use the Dashboard, namely through the 'investment in player portfolio' card [FAQ 2.9].

The number on the right hand side of your name is your 'total value of your assets' [FAQ 2.11], which is composed by (i) 'coins available for investment' and (ii) 'portfolio value'.

The 'coins available for investment' represents your currently available cash balance, including any dividends or paybacks you have already received from your investments [FAQ 2.8].

The 'portfolio value' represents the current value of your investments in players. Please note that the current value of each player is calculated through their latest price on the Market [FAQ 4.12] and considers both the initial 'investment in player portfolio' [FAQ 2.9] and the 'portfolio value change' [FAQ 2.10].

The and icons represent any positive or negative changes on the value of your portfolio considering all of your ongoing investments.

The notification alert next to your avatar in the navbar appears whenever you still have unread notifications on your ' Hub'. The number displayed represents the number of unread notifications, considering only those which do not emerge from your actions [FAQ 2.5]. To quickly navigate to them, just click this notification alert!