Last updated on: 08/06/2020

The 'coins available for investment' is the amount of FOOTBID coins you currently own and are not yet invested in players. In other words, it is your current outstanding balance.

If you'd like to analyse the transactions that led to that amount, you can visit the Portfolio module and check the ' Balance' section [FAQ 3.9].

The ' Transfer History' tab displays only player shares transactions. With a share-by-share logic, you can easily see specific information associated with each investment (such as the name of the player, number of days holding the share, purchase / sale type, date and price) and, if already sold, any profit or loss incurred with the transfer. On the 'Sale Info' column of the table you can also check any fees paid to FOOTBID, due to the order matching service on the secondary market.

On the other hand, the ' Balance' tab lists all transactions (player related or otherwise) performed in FOOTBID with an impact on your coin balance. In the same way as an ordinary bank statement, you may consult all credits and debits associated to your account, on a simple and descriptive form.

Yes. You may find useful information on the ' Closed' section of the Orders module, which is sorted based on the actual order closing date. For each order, you can check which portion was fulfilled, what was the actual gross revenue or cost and even navigate to the respective transactions [FAQ 3.9].

An order may assume different closing status:

  • Completed: if the order quantity was fully fulfilled;
  • Cancelled: if the order was cancelled by you (regardless of if it was partially executed or not executed at all) [FAQ 5.5];
  • Partial: if only part of the order quantity was fulfilled before the deadline;
  • Expired: if no order quantity was fulfilled (i.e. no transaction occurred before the order deadline has arrived).