Last updated on: 08/06/2020

New players are phased into the platform once they are eligible under the competitions supported by FOOTBID [FAQ 8.3] and only when FOOTBID considers it is time to launch their initial offering.

These offerings are published in advance on the FOOTBID social network pages [FAQ 1.6].

The first release pricing, as well as the pricing for subsequent releases from FOOTBID in the primary market area defined by the FOOTBID team considering several factors [FAQ 4.15].

The best buy price is the lowest price of all selling orders currently open for that player's shares, considering both FOOTBID submarkets [FAQ 4.5] (i.e. the price at which the platform would be willing to issue a new share and the prices of all open sell orders placed by other users [FAQ 4.15]).

The initial release of shares is subject to an 'IPO period' of 1 week (after the first day a athlete is available on the FOOTBID marketplace) being the respective player signalled with a next to his photo. During this period, the base price of the player will be fixed, not subject to changes, and a limit of 100 shares will be made available.

After the 'IPO period', additional releases are still available on the primary market until the maximum of 100 shares for the player is reached. These are priced in blocks of 20, with each additional block having a price premium of 20% over the previous.

The base prices are defined by the FOOTBID team considering the real-life market value of the player (e.g. provided by external experts such as Transfermarkt), the market value within the platform of players with similar value and performance and the personal specificities of the player (e.g. age, potential, etc.).

Nonetheless, please note that the rules for new share releasing and pricing may change at FOOTBID's discretion and may differ significantly in the future (e.g. share splits may be necessary to accommodate new users in the future).