Last updated on: 08/06/2020

A player will be added to your Portfolio as soon as you purchase one of his shares and will remain there until you have sold all of his shares. In other words, the Portfolio shows all of the players for which you have shares at the moment, displaying the number of shares held on the notification (and their breakdown as tooltip) on the upper left hand side of the player photo.

Just as in the Market, you can buy or sell a share from one of your players directly on the Portfolio menu, under the ' Market Info' section, through the best price 'Buy @ (best price)' and 'Sell @ (best price)' buttons or by configuring a given order on the icon [FAQ 4.6 / 4.7].

The Market is the focal point for buying and selling player shares in the platform. All players available in FOOTBID are listed within this module, namely the ' All Players' section, and you may either quickly buy or sell one of their shares at best price or place a custom order that will be executed when and if there is a match between yours and other users' intentions [FAQ 4.6 / 4.7].

The FOOTBID Marketplace composed by two distinct subMarkets built upon proprietary copyrighted algorithms: primary market: issuing and repurchasing of player shares by the platform itself; secondary market: trading of player shares between the platform's users.

When a player is added to the platform, the FOOTBID team will setup a first issue price linked to his real market value according to external sources which will be used for the first share issued only [FAQ 4.1].

Over time, on the '(1) primary market', and up to the communicated maximum number of shares per player, the FOOTBID platform will be willing to issue an additional share at a price premium. On the other hand, it will also repurchase your shares at a price discount if you cannot sell them in the secondary market [FAQ 4.11].

Complementarily, once a user owns a specific share of a player, he will be able to sell it on the '(2) secondary market' to other users who have placed corresponding buy orders. For instance, if the best buy or sell prices do not suit you, there is the option of placing custom orders [FAQ 4.6 / 4.7] which will be matched against those from the other users [FAQ 4.8].

To guarantee a smooth and linear user experience, these two submarkets are not differentiated in terms of navigation and you will always be served with the principle of best price [FAQ 4.13 / 4.14] - this means that the price presented to you on best buy or sell buttons will always be the best, regardless of the submarket considered.

Player shares may be sold in FOOTBID using two distinct approaches:

(1) Best sell button: by clicking a red button with the legend "Sell @ (best price)", resulting in the immediate sale of 1 share of the player at the best price displayed [FAQ 4.14].

In some cases, the best sell button may be disabled [FAQ 4.17] or the order may be refused as the best sell price has changed meanwhile (e.g. another transaction of that player's shares occurred between the moment you have loaded the page and pushed the button).

(2) Custom sell order: by pressing the icon, selecting the "SELL" tab and submitting the custom order form after properly filling in the number of shares to sell (which is limited to the number of shares you own), at which price and until what deadline (i.e. the order will expire if not completed until that date, at midnight).

Once placed, the FOOTBID matching algorithm [FAQ 4.8] will continuously run and try to find corresponding buy orders from other users. Every time there is a match, and as long as your sell order is still open [FAQ 5.3], a transaction will be automatically executed.

You will be able to buy or sell player shares anywhere in the platform where the best price buttons or custom order button [FAQ 4.6 / 4.7] are displayed and clickable.

For instance, you may place your orders through all sections of the Market module, on the ' Market Info' section of your Portfolio and on the individual 'Player Page', where you may analyse additional data about the player sports and market performance.

The Orders module centralizes all orders you have placed in the platform, regardless of their origin as best price or custom orders [FAQ 4.6 / 4.7] and their current status [FAQ 5.3].