Last updated on: 08/06/2020

The best sell button may often be disabled for several reasons. For instance, if you do not own a share of a specific player, you will naturally be blocked to sell it.

Another cases where the best sell button may be disabled is if you do own shares of that player but they are all already consumed by custom sell orders or selected for leagues.

In the first case, you may go to the Orders module, ' Open' or ' Selling' section, and cancel your order [FAQ 5.5].

In the later case, you may go to the Leagues module, click on the league where your player's shares are being used and remove them through the league ' Team Selection' section, as long as they are not yet blocked for the current gameday [FAQ 6.17].

You may analyse the distribution of your shares through the tooltip on the green counter next to your player's photo and/or by checking the 'Share Distribution' chart on the respective 'Player Page', using the ' Investment Data' tab.

You may check the reason for the inability to use the buy button by reading its tooltip.

Yes. For cancelling a specific order just click the icon on its row or card and confirm your intention to delete that specific order after carefully reading the respective alert message.

If the order has already been partially fulfilled, cancelling it only means that the portion still pending will no longer be executed. All transactions already registered and their consequences will not be reversed [FAQ 4.19].

No. Order edition is currently not supported by the platform as preference was given to order traceability and transparency.

If you'd like to revise a specific order, simply cancel the active order in the ' Open', ' Buying' or ' Selling' sections of Orders module [FAQ 5.5] and then go back to the Market or 'Player Page' and place a new custom order on the targeted player.

Yes. You may find useful information on the ' Closed' section of the Orders module, which is sorted based on the actual order closing date. For each order, you can check which portion was fulfilled, what was the actual gross revenue or cost and even navigate to the respective transactions [FAQ 3.9].

An order may assume different closing status:

  • Completed: if the order quantity was fully fulfilled;
  • Cancelled: if the order was cancelled by you (regardless of if it was partially executed or not executed at all) [FAQ 5.5];
  • Partial: if only part of the order quantity was fulfilled before the deadline;
  • Expired: if no order quantity was fulfilled (i.e. no transaction occurred before the order deadline has arrived).