Last updated on: 08/06/2020

Yes, you can! We want you to have full control of the conditions you play in, thus every user may create any number of new leagues he or she desires. You can have a 5-a-side league with your friends and an 11 men league with your co-workers running in parallel.

To create a new league, you should go to the Leagues menu and select the ' New League' tab. Once on the 'New League' section, there are a number of options available for you to select. We will go over each of these, below:

  1. Banner: The most visual element of your league, you should select a cool image that describes what your league is all about. This image is optional and, if blank, we will select a nice placeholder instead.
  2. Name: How will your league be remembered? Be creative, bold and respectful.
  3. Mode: You can either create a league that is 'open' to every one interested in playing, or you can select the 'closed' option and limit the league to whoever you share the link with, through the icon [FAQ 6.8].
  4. Description: Optional information on the league and the conditions in which it should be played.
  5. Start date: When will your league start? Don't forget to give enough time for your friends and other people to subscribe. Please note that for any leagues starting in the middle of a matchday (or less than 2 hours before the start of its first game), the following matchday will be considered as the first instead.
  6. End date: It should not be lower than 5 days after its start. Other than that, there aren't many rules. You can go for a week long league (with only one matchday) or you can go for the traditional season long fantasy.
  7. Competition: Here you should select the competition in which your league will be based in. For now, you can select the Portuguese "Primeira Liga", but keep a close eye on any FOOTBID news.
  8. Entrance fee: It should be greater than 0 and lower than your current coin balance. The entrance fee you choose, will be decisive for the prize pot (i.e. it will be the entrance fee multiplied by the number of subscribers of the league).
  9. Prize distribution: For now, there are three options: (i) winner takes all (or WTA), (ii) divided by the top 3 subscribers (with a 50% / 35% / 15% distribution) and (iii) divided by the top 5 subscribers (with a 40% / 30% / 15% / 10% / 5% distribution).
  10. Squad size: You can select a minimum of 5 players per league, up to a maximum of 11 players. Please note that, regardless of the squad size, you can always add more shares of a given player (when available) if you believe he will be a top performer.
  11. Minimum positions: Here, you have the option to constraint the positions of the players eligible for the league. The sum of the position constrained players cannot be greater than the selected squad size [FAQ 6.11].

Please note that, once created, you will be automatically subscribed in your league.

When you create a new league, you may constraint the positions available for other users to add players.

Imagine you have an 11 players league, with the following constraints: 1 goalkeeper, 2 defenders, 2 midfielders and 2 attackers. Each user playing in your league should select players for these positions, with the remaining 4 positions being free for each user to decide which players to add.

Another example would be a 5 players league with a position constraint of 5 midfielders (i.e. an 'all midfielders' league). In this case, each user playing on the league would only be allowed to select Midfielders.

If no position constraints are selected by the league manager, you may choose whichever players you want up to the squad size total.

There may be many reasons why you cannot add a player, being the most common one the fact that his team is already playing or has already played for the applicable matchday [FAQ 8.16].

Another common scenario is that, considering the league positional constraints, you do not have free spots left to add a player with the target player's position [FAQ 6.11]. In this case, depending on the league setup and timing, you may try to remove a player from the same position first and, then, add the target player to your selection.

It can also be the case that the player is eligible for selection but all of his shares you own are already subject to another use (e.g. used in other league or listed for sale [FAQ 4.17]).

To support you in understanding these limitations, you may refer to the icon/data that is displayed in the right end of the row (i.e. in the location of the green add button), as well as to its tooltip which details the constraint you are facing.