Last updated on: 08/06/2020

In each individual league page you can find a ‘ Standings’ tab, where all league participants are ranked from the top performer, downwards. In this table, you will find information on the participants (‘Name’ column), with links to their performance page, information on the total points (column ‘Points’) collected on all past matchday rounds, information on the average points (column ‘Average’) obtained in each round played (i.e. only the rounds you selected a team will count towards this average) and information on the matchday points (column ‘Matchday’) scored on the last round [FAQ 6.18], with the total number of shares rated. On the icon, you can check the teams used in past rounds or you can select your team for the present matchday (identified in green colour).

Additionally, on the ‘ Standings’ tab you can also select a user and a matchday round, on the dropdown close to the avatar, to check his or her performance and matchday points for the selected round.

Once you have selected a player, and as long as the player is not yet blocked [FAQ 6.17], and other conditions are met [FAQ 6.18], you may do the following actions on a specific player:

  • Add a share: as long as you have enough shares available, you may increment the number of shares of a player thus making is rating weight more than the others [FAQ 6.19];
  • Select as captain: you may select a specific player as your captain for the round [FAQ 6.21];
  • Remove a share: you may remove a player's share and reduce the player's rating weight in comparison with others, whilst making the removed share available for other leagues or sale [FAQ 4.17];
  • Remove a player: if the player only has one share left and you remove it, the player will be automatically removed from your team selection for the upcoming or ongoing matchday.

There may be many reasons why you cannot add a player, being the most common one the fact that his team is already playing or has already played for the applicable matchday [FAQ 8.16].

Another common scenario is that you will not be able to 'Add a share' to a player in your team selection as you do not own them or because all other shares are already subject to another use (e.g. used in other league or listed for sale [FAQ 4.17]). In any case, you can always go to the Market!