Last updated on: 08/06/2020

Yes. You can be sure that your personal information is secure because FOOTBID does not process data beyond the purpose of fulfilling your requests while using the platform and does not share any information with third-parties.

Additionally, FOOTBID complies with the GDPR regulation, namely by allowing you to manage the visibility of your profile within the platform [FAQ 8.11] and giving you the options of suspending [FAQ 8.12] and deleting your account [FAQ 8.13] at all times.

Furthermore, our database is safely encrypted and stored in Heroku, a professional service for deploying applications with proven IT security mechanisms.

Maybe. It depends on the user's selected security model [FAQ 8.11] and your relationship as friends, if applicable.

If his security model is set as 'open', then is possible to see that user's portfolio details, investment history, league performance and other relevant information.

If his security model is set for 'friends', then you will only be able to see his details if you have him on your ' Friends' list.

If that user has a 'closed' security model, then you will not be able to see his details, only the high-level information displayed on the Network lists.

Yes. You can edit your profile by clicking your own avatar, on the upper right hand side of the screen and selecting ' Edit Profile'.

In here you can edit your email, first name, last name, birthdate, country of birth, favourite team, security model [FAQ 8.11], newsletter subscription and photo. You may also change your password by following the 'Change password' link.

Please note that in order to edit your information, your current password will be required to confirm the changes.

The security model, configurable through the ' Edit Profile' menu, is what determines who can see your portfolio details, investment history, league performance and other relevant information. It may assume one of the following values:

  • Open: anyone will be able to see your details (default value);
  • Friends: only your friends will be able to see your details;
  • Closed: no one will be able to see your details, not even your friends.

Please note that, regardless of the selected security model, all users will still be able to see a limited number of information on your investments through the Network module, including rank, avatar, name, country, skill level, favourite team, total portfolio amount, number of players, key player investments, number of active buy / sell orders and overall performance.