Last updated on: 08/06/2020

The 'portfolio weighted rating' considers the season rating of the players in your Portfolio (according to the API-Football assessment [FAQ 8.2]) weighted by the current market value of the shares you own for each player.

This indicator can be very useful to understand the quality of your portfolio inside the pitch. Theoretically, the highest the form, the most likely it is that you will receive significant dividends, win leagues if you select the right players for each gameday and sell the shares of your players at a profit in the Market.

The FOOTBID fantasy Leagues module offers several innovative features compared to other options available, namely including the 4 key differences presented below:

  • Player availability and pricing is defined by the FOOTBID Marketplace, which replicates a financial market [FAQ 4.5], thus creating a more realistic scarcity on player acquisition and use on matchday;
  • Users may apply different number of player shares in order to increase or decrease a specific player's weight in the overall team performance, hence allowing for much more granular strategies than on traditional fantasies [FAQ 6.19];
  • Instead of a scoring approach based on a limited set of match metrics, the FOOTBID leagues consider the rating provided by experts [FAQ 8.2] as the ultimate notation on player performance, thus levelling the playing field for players of all positions;
  • League creation in FOOTBID is available to all users who may customize their challenges, for instance, creating a league only for midfielders or with a 5-player team [FAQ 6.7].

You may add players and manage them on your league until their team's match for the current matchday has started, according to the calendar presented in FOOTBID and made available by our specialized providers [FAQ 8.2].

Once the player's team as started playing or has already played, the only change you can make is removing him as captain by selecting any other eligible player in your team to do so (i.e. a player whose team has not started playing or played yet).

League points are recalculated whenever FOOTBID receives new information about games already played and the respective players ratings [FAQ 8.2].

As players who have not yet played may still be managed (e.g. removed), these are not considered at all for interim point calculation, thus following the rule applied when a number of insufficient players is used [FAQ 6.22]. This means that all players who are not yet scored, as any empty spot left in your squad, will be temporarily scored with a rating of 0.0 and 1 share only.

With this approach, you may check yours and your opponents 'matchday points' accumulating and, most likely, rising throughout the weekend!

League points are updated every night, together with the update of the player's sporting stats and fixture data. Nevertheless, there may be the case that information takes longer to be made available by our specialized providers [FAQ 8.2].

In any case, no matchday will be concluded or league finished before all information is available, even if it takes longer than expected. If a game is not, nor will be, available, we will conduct a case-by-case analysis and attempt to implement the possible corrective measures.

All player and club related data is purchased by FOOTBID to its suppliers, with a focus on API-Football (

This information includes the ratings calculated for the fantasy leagues. These are based on the statistics of each player compared to those of other players in the same league, taking into account their field positions.

Hence, the platform has no control over the speed of upload or correction of sports data, which usually will take around one to two days to be made available to FOOTBID.

At this moment, FOOTBID is exclusively showcasing players from the Portuguese League teams.

Nevertheless, all image and commercial rights belong to their legal holders and are not held or commercialized in any way by the platform. All relevant data is provided by our suppliers [FAQ 8.2].

Keep tuned in for more news in the near future!