Last updated on: 08/06/2020

By holding a player's shares in your Portfolio you may use him in Leagues with friends and other users from the FOOTBID platform and be eligible to win competition prizes [FAQ 6.13].

Additionally, every day that you log in, you will receive a daily dividend depedent on the overall sports quality of the players you hold, measured by the 'portfolio weighted rating' [FAQ 4.6].

The daily dividend received will then be calculated using a rate calculated by dividing the 'portfolio weighted rating' by 1 000, which is applied to the eligible portfolio [FAQ 2.11] (i.e. excluding any players who may not have been rated yet this season, for his current club, on eligible competitions [FAQ 8.3]).

New players are phased into the platform once they are eligible under the competitions supported by FOOTBID [FAQ 8.3] and only when FOOTBID considers it is time to launch their initial offering.

These offerings are published in advance on the FOOTBID social network pages [FAQ 1.6].

The first release pricing, as well as the pricing for subsequent releases from FOOTBID in the primary market area defined by the FOOTBID team considering several factors [FAQ 4.15].

Existing players are removed from the platform if they are no longer eligible under the competitions supported by FOOTBID [FAQ 8.3]. This may happen in case of a transfer, release as a free agent, end of career or any other situation which inhibits the player or ex-player from competing.

In case of transfer, the players will be removed in a timespan of up to 2 weeks after the closing of a given transfer window (i.e. 31/09 and 31/01). In case of other triggers, the players will be removed in a timespan of up to 2 weeks after the given event is known by FOOTBID.

As part of the removal process, the actual shareholders for whom the player shares will be captures will be duly rewarded. As such, a corresponding deposit based on the latest market prices will be placed on the user's coin balance, corresponding to the maximum between: i) the average transaction price during the month before removal; ii) the latest market price; iii) the current best sell price [FAQ 4.14].

Yes. On the 'Player Page' you may select the ' Sports Performance' section which will display detailed stats about the player's performance during this season's official competitions [FAQ 8.3].

Besides his overall season stats and rating comparison with other players ('Season Data'), you can check the evolution of a player's performance throughout the selected competitions. Additionally, you may consult his detailed stats for a specific fixture ('Match Data') by clicking on the '' button in the respective fixture row ('Fixture List').

At this moment, FOOTBID is exclusively showcasing players from the Portuguese League teams.

Nevertheless, all image and commercial rights belong to their legal holders and are not held or commercialized in any way by the platform. All relevant data is provided by our suppliers [FAQ 8.2].

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