Last updated on: 08/06/2020

To better understand the charts in your Dashboard, apart from a careful analysis to their legend, consider the tooltips available on the icons [FAQ 8.5] and the tips provided through colorization [FAQ 8.6]

Yes, in the Dashboard and Market related pages. Whenever you find the time period dropdown with a specific period (e.g. '1W') you may change it to another reference period that better suits your analysis and/or provide you with extra insight.

In the time period icon and list, the first char is a number and the second a letter, referring to the time interval. For instance, '3M' will mean that you will filter the latest 3 months ('M') up to the current moment.

Note that changing the time period may significantly change the data, charts and their colours [FAQ 8.6] as the starting point being considered for trend analysis is significantly different.

It really depends on the purpose of the chart:

  • Evolution and asset breakdown charts: yellow represents coins, green represents positions that are increasing in value (i.e. comparing the indicator at start date of the reference period [FAQ 8.4] and at the present time), red represents positions that are decreasing in value and grey usually represents other positions or complementary info;
  • Order related charts: green represents buy orders, red represents sell orders and grey represents complementary info;
  • Player distribution charts: colours do not have any specific meaning and are just used to differentiate different options (e.g. clubs or age intervals).