Last updated on: 08/06/2020

The Dashboard displays both the latest notifications regarding your activity on the platform and a set of key performance indicators (KPIs) and charts that help you in analysing your performance in FOOTBID. This way you can always be up to date, understand your evolution and exposure and make informed decisions on the next steps to increase the profitability or minimize the risk of your portfolio.

The sections in the Dashboard enable you to check your latest activity or to further analyse your performance :

  • Hub: displays summary data and links to each section of the platform, together with notifications regarding your latest activity;
  • Financial Data: showcases your financial key performance indicators (KPIs) and a set of selected charts that help you in understanding the evolution of your returns in FOOTBID;
  • League Data: displays your key performance indicators (KPIs) in FOOTBID fantasy leagues and a set of selected charts with additional insight;
  • Exposure: presents the breakdown of your player portfolio so that you can confirm if your exposure is in line with your investment strategy.

The cards presented on the left hand-side of the Hub (or on the bottom of that section, if you are using a mobile device) aim at providing a quick glimpse into your current status on all of the FOOTBID areas.

In total, there are 5 different cards, containing the following information:

  1. Portfolio: Players you own, ordered from the most valuable to the least valuable (with a link to the Portfolio section), total coins invested in players (indicator on the left hand-side of the card) and total value of your current portfolio (indicator on the right hand-side of the card);
  2. Market: Players you have shortlisted (with a link to the Shortlist tab of the Market section), number of shortlisted players that are currently for sale (left) and number of players owned that have active bids on the Market (right);
  3. Orders: Open orders presently active (with a link to the Orders section), number of open buy orders (left) and number of open sell orders (right);
  4. Leagues: Currently subscribed leagues (with a link to the Leagues section), number of leagues that you have participated in (left) and number of leagues you have won (right);
  5. Network: Friends on your network (with a link to the Network section), number of received friend requests still pending your approval (left) and number of pending friend requests that you sent to your friends (right).

On the right hand-side of the Hub (or on the top of that section, if you are using a mobile device) there is a notification centre, ordered from the most recent to the oldest, so that you are always up to date in your FOOTBID experience.

These notifications are received in key moments of your interaction with the platform, namely after the following actions take place:

  1. Portfolio: (i) welcome offer received, (ii) referral coins received, (iii) dividends received;
  2. Market: (i) buy order placed at player you own, (ii) sell order placed at player you shortlisted, (iii) new player added to the Market, (iv) player removed from the Market, (v) player share(s) sold to FOOTBID due to player removal from the Market;
  3. Orders: (i) player share bought from pending order, (ii) player share sold from pending order, (iii) order expired, (iv) order(s) cancelled due to player removal from the Market;
  4. Leagues: (i) league cancelled due to insufficient participants, (ii) league finished (with information on your position and prize received, if any);
  5. Network: (i) request received from a friend, (ii) request accepted by a friend, (iii) level up.

Notifications may assume one of two different status: unread or read.

Unread notifications are triggered from an external event, such as a pending order being met or a league finishing. These notifications will be highlighted in green on the notifications centre and the total active notifications will always be displayed on the green bubble on the upper right-side of your avatar.

Read notifications are the ones you have already checked () [FAQ 2.6]. These will not be highlighted on the notifications centre and will not be accounted for on your avatar's notification bubble.

In a previous section [FAQ 2.4] you can check all of the different notifications you may receive in FOOTBID.

You can read individual notifications that are currently active (i.e. highlighted in green), by pressing the icon on the right hand-side, or you can press the ' Read all' button (on top of the notifications centre) to mark all active notifications as read.

Additionally, you may remove read notifications by either clicking the icon on the right hand-side, or by pressing the ' Remove all' button (only available if there are no active notifications).

The 'portfolio weighted rating' considers the season rating of the players in your Portfolio (according to the API-Football assessment [FAQ 8.2]) weighted by the current market value of the shares you own for each player.

This indicator can be very useful to understand the quality of your portfolio inside the pitch. Theoretically, the highest the form, the most likely it is that you will receive significant dividends, win leagues if you select the right players for each gameday and sell the shares of your players at a profit in the Market.

The 'coins available for investment' is the amount of FOOTBID coins you currently own and are not yet invested in players. In other words, it is your current outstanding balance.

If you'd like to analyse the transactions that led to that amount, you can visit the Portfolio module and check the ' Balance' section [FAQ 3.9].

The 'investment in player portfolio' is the total amount of FOOTBID coins you have used to purchase the shares you currently own.

It does not take into consideration any market price fluctuations that have happened since your purchases, thus not representing the actual current valuation of your portfolio.

The 'portfolio value change' represents the variation (positive or negative) that your investment in player portfolio has suffered if the current market price [FAQ 4.12] of the shares you own is considered (instead of their purchasing cost).

The current market value of your portfolio (i.e. the expected gross income if you'd sell all shares at the Market) can be calculated by summing up the 'investment in player portfolio' indicator [FAQ 2.9] and the 'portfolio value change'.

The total value of your assets is displayed on the small dashboard on the navbar, as the largest sized figure, next to your name. It is the result of summing up your liquidity and the current market value of your portfolio (both these figures are also displayed on the navbar on the line below, so that you are always aware of your holdings).

For a deeper dive, you can get to the value of your holdings by adding your 'coins available for investment' [FAQ 2.8] to your 'investment in player portfolio' [FAQ 2.9], duly incremented or reduced by the 'portfolio value change' [FAQ 2.10].

In any case, please note that the current market value of your portfolio is an estimate which considers the latest market price for each player. If market conditions change, you may not be able to sell the intended shares at that price.

The 'cumulative P&L (profit and loss)' is a return-oriented indicator which presents how many FOOTBID coins you effectively won or lost in the platform until a given moment.

The main contributor for this indicator is usually the individual profit or loss from players' shares sold (i.e. sale price discounted of any transfer fees minus the purchase price). Other sources of income or cost are also considered, such as dividends, pay-outs, performance prizes and penalties.

For this calculation, all deposits, withdrawals and coin offerings are disregarded, as well as any investments not closed (i.e. player's shares not yet sold).

To better understand the charts in your Dashboard, apart from a careful analysis to their legend, consider the tooltips available on the icons [FAQ 8.5] and the tips provided through colorization [FAQ 8.6]

To understand your risk exposure we recommend using the 'Asset Breakdown' available on ' Financial Data', as well as the player distribution charts presented on the ' Exposure' section.

As a rule of thumb, to mitigate significantly volatility and risk, you should avoid a significant concentration of your investment in a reduced number of players or in players with similar characteristics (e.g. same club) whose performances may fluctuate negatively at the same moment due to common factors (e.g. club losses).