Last updated on: 08/06/2020

FOOTBID is an innovative fantasy football game where you can buy and sell players in a dynamic marketplace. It enables people to buy and sell athletes' virtual shares, which are valued in accordance with their real-life sports performance and the supply and demand verified in the platform.

Our ultimate goal is to create a ground-breaking sports investment platform through an athlete-centric approach, by crafting an engaging, rewarding and transparent experience for all sports' lovers.

For now, FOOTBID is a fantasy football game where no money is at risk and no profit is expected either to the platform or its users [FAQ 1.3].

FOOTBID works just like a typical fantasy football game, but with an innovative marketplace dynamic powered by the thrill that only your passion for sports and expertise in football player evaluation may bring:

  1. Invest Wisely: study the market to target undervalued or upcoming stars and purchase shares of those you believe to be great deals;
  2. Monitor your Porfolio: continuously build the perfect portfolio with your favourite players in order to maximize dividends and other benefits;
  3. Conquer the Leagues: join highly competitive fantasy leagues, with your friends or the FOOTBID community, and win extra prizes;
  4. Analyse your Dashboard: control and improve your performance by inspecting your key metrics and follow their evolution over time;
  5. Trade with Profit: turn a profit by timely selling peaked players and use the resulting income to reinvest in the hottest prospects;
  6. Show your Skill: climb the investors ranking, compare yourself with friends and top performers in FOOTBID and become our G.O.A.T.

FOOTBID is a fantasy football game, which does not receive or pay any monetary values from or to its users. All references to 'coins', 'investment', 'profit', 'loss' or others are purely fictional in this platform and do not have any positive or negative impact on your finances.

We are working hard to be able to serve you with a transparent, consistent, safe and fully functional investment platform where you may actually place investments for financial returns. Until then, we invite you to play the fantasy football game as an investment simulator and give us feedback about your experience.

The FOOTBID concept started to shape after we realized there were not many long-term investment solutions for sports fans. With some cash available, the current options are either to invest in complicated (and often dull) products on the financial markets or to bet on risky and short-term gambling platforms.

We believe that investment should be a rewarding and fun experience, and that these two characteristics should not be mutually exclusive. If you share this belief, be part of our community and make sure you stay tuned for our next steps.

Yes. Throughout the platform, you can always consult the 'About' link on the footer to see a high-level quick reference guide on how FOOTBID works. Nonetheless, for detailed doubts and questions, we recommend using this FAQ section.

You can get in touch with us by sending an email to [email protected]. We are always excited to receive feedback from our users.

Alternatively, you may also visit our social media pages:

On any page of the FOOTBID platform, you can always refer to the 'About' link on the footer, to check our contact info.

Yes. You can be sure that your personal information is secure because FOOTBID does not process data beyond the purpose of fulfilling your requests while using the platform and does not share any information with third-parties.

Additionally, FOOTBID complies with the GDPR regulation, namely by allowing you to manage the visibility of your profile within the platform [FAQ 8.11] and giving you the options of suspending [FAQ 8.12] and deleting your account [FAQ 8.13] at all times.

Furthermore, our database is safely encrypted and stored in Heroku, a professional service for deploying applications with proven IT security mechanisms.


On your desktop, you can install it by visiting FOOTBID and clicking ' Install FOOTBID App' on the homepage, or by selecting the ' Install App' option in your navbar avatar.

On your mobile phone, the installation depends on the operative system:

For iOs users, visit FOOTBID in Safari and select . On the options list, select 'Add to Home Screen ' and then 'Add'.

For Android users, visit FOOTBID in Google Chrome and click the ' Install FOOTBID App' prompt on the homepage. Alternatively, you may select the ' Install App' option in your navbar avatar.

You will now notice the FOOTBID icon is now on your home screen!