Last updated on: 08/06/2020

The Leagues module offers an innovative fantasy league dynamic where the users may play the player shares held on their portfolio against friends and other users and win additional coin prizes. It includes a very flexible league creation wizard, where the league managers may create out-of-the-box challenges and constraints.

The FOOTBID fantasy Leagues module offers several innovative features compared to other options available, namely including the 4 key differences presented below:

  • Player availability and pricing is defined by the FOOTBID Marketplace, which replicates a financial market [FAQ 4.5], thus creating a more realistic scarcity on player acquisition and use on matchday;
  • Users may apply different number of player shares in order to increase or decrease a specific player's weight in the overall team performance, hence allowing for much more granular strategies than on traditional fantasies [FAQ 6.19];
  • Instead of a scoring approach based on a limited set of match metrics, the FOOTBID leagues consider the rating provided by experts [FAQ 8.2] as the ultimate notation on player performance, thus levelling the playing field for players of all positions;
  • League creation in FOOTBID is available to all users who may customize their challenges, for instance, creating a league only for midfielders or with a 5-player team [FAQ 6.7].

The sections in the Leagues module depend on the league status and your participation:

  • Subscribed: displays the leagues you have subscribed and have not yet been started or concluded;
  • Finished: displays the leagues you have subscribed that have already finished or that were cancelled;
  • All Leagues: displays all leagues in FOOTBID that are planned or already ongoing;
  • New League: enables you to create new leagues, considering your personal preferences, namely in terms of constraints, entry fees, prize calculation mechanics, among other [FAQ 6.7].

You may see a specific league's general information through its card, available in the ' Subscribed', ' Finished' and ' All Leagues' tabs (depending on their current status). Besides the general data presented, you may also check the league's position constraints by clicking on the league banner.

For additional details, you may click on the league's name to access the following sections:

  • League Info: includes all relevant aspects of the league, namely applicable competition, status, duration, fees, prizes, etc.;
  • Standings: shows the current position of the several participants on the league, together with useful information on their performance [FAQ 6.12];
  • Team Selection: allows you to select and manager your team for the league or check on other users' team selections for the upcoming or past matchdays [FAQ 6.13].

On one hand, 'open' leagues can be joined by anyone interested in participating, at any time, before the league start date. On the other hand, 'closed' leagues can only be joined if the league manager (i.e. creator) or any other user already participating shares a link directly with you [FAQ 6.8].

Yes. You may either use a link from a friend [FAQ 6.8] or go to the ' All Leagues' section and search for any 'open' league, namely by using its name on the search box.

To join an 'open' league, you may either press the 'Subscribe' button on the league card or enter the league (by clicking on its name) and press 'Subscribe' in any screen. Please note that you will not be able to join the league if you do not have sufficient funds for the entry fee.

Yes, you can! We want you to have full control of the conditions you play in, thus every user may create any number of new leagues he or she desires. You can have a 5-a-side league with your friends and an 11 men league with your co-workers running in parallel.

To create a new league, you should go to the Leagues menu and select the ' New League' tab. Once on the 'New League' section, there are a number of options available for you to select. We will go over each of these, below:

  1. Banner: The most visual element of your league, you should select a cool image that describes what your league is all about. This image is optional and, if blank, we will select a nice placeholder instead.
  2. Name: How will your league be remembered? Be creative, bold and respectful.
  3. Mode: You can either create a league that is 'open' to every one interested in playing, or you can select the 'closed' option and limit the league to whoever you share the link with, through the icon [FAQ 6.8].
  4. Description: Optional information on the league and the conditions in which it should be played.
  5. Start date: When will your league start? Don't forget to give enough time for your friends and other people to subscribe. Please note that for any leagues starting in the middle of a matchday (or less than 2 hours before the start of its first game), the following matchday will be considered as the first instead.
  6. End date: It should not be lower than 5 days after its start. Other than that, there aren't many rules. You can go for a week long league (with only one matchday) or you can go for the traditional season long fantasy.
  7. Competition: Here you should select the competition in which your league will be based in. For now, you can select the Portuguese "Primeira Liga", but keep a close eye on any FOOTBID news.
  8. Entrance fee: It should be greater than 0 and lower than your current coin balance. The entrance fee you choose, will be decisive for the prize pot (i.e. it will be the entrance fee multiplied by the number of subscribers of the league).
  9. Prize distribution: For now, there are three options: (i) winner takes all (or WTA), (ii) divided by the top 3 subscribers (with a 50% / 35% / 15% distribution) and (iii) divided by the top 5 subscribers (with a 40% / 30% / 15% / 10% / 5% distribution).
  10. Squad size: You can select a minimum of 5 players per league, up to a maximum of 11 players. Please note that, regardless of the squad size, you can always add more shares of a given player (when available) if you believe he will be a top performer.
  11. Minimum positions: Here, you have the option to constraint the positions of the players eligible for the league. The sum of the position constrained players cannot be greater than the selected squad size [FAQ 6.11].

Please note that, once created, you will be automatically subscribed in your league.

You can share a league with friends through the icon that is present on the leagues cards (Leagues menu) and on the individual page of each league (upper right hand-side). leagues can either be shared via Whatsapp or text message and, once sent to a friend, he can follow the link and subscribe to the league (after signing in or signing up to FOOTBID).

Yes. A league may be automatically cancelled due to the lack of minimum participants. For 'WTA (winner takes all)' leagues, at least 2 people should join before the start of the league, for 'Top 3' leagues there is a minimum of 3 participants, whilst for 'Top 5' leagues there is a minimum of 5 participants. In order to avoid your league being cancelled, make sure you give enough time for people to subscribe, before it starts.

No. Currently you cannot cancel your subscription in one league. Once you subscribe to the league, the only way to get your coins back is to either receive a prize once finished, or if the league is cancelled due to the lack of minimum participants.

When you create a new league, you may constraint the positions available for other users to add players.

Imagine you have an 11 players league, with the following constraints: 1 goalkeeper, 2 defenders, 2 midfielders and 2 attackers. Each user playing in your league should select players for these positions, with the remaining 4 positions being free for each user to decide which players to add.

Another example would be a 5 players league with a position constraint of 5 midfielders (i.e. an 'all midfielders' league). In this case, each user playing on the league would only be allowed to select Midfielders.

If no position constraints are selected by the league manager, you may choose whichever players you want up to the squad size total.

In each individual league page you can find a ‘ Standings’ tab, where all league participants are ranked from the top performer, downwards. In this table, you will find information on the participants (‘Name’ column), with links to their performance page, information on the total points (column ‘Points’) collected on all past matchday rounds, information on the average points (column ‘Average’) obtained in each round played (i.e. only the rounds you selected a team will count towards this average) and information on the matchday points (column ‘Matchday’) scored on the last round [FAQ 6.18], with the total number of shares rated. On the icon, you can check the teams used in past rounds or you can select your team for the present matchday (identified in green colour).

Additionally, on the ‘ Standings’ tab you can also select a user and a matchday round, on the dropdown close to the avatar, to check his or her performance and matchday points for the selected round.

Player selection shall be conducted using the ' Team Selection' tab of the target league. It will only be possible to change the team selection either for the ongoing matchday or for upcoming matchday, as applicable.

To add a new player to the team, simply press the green 'Add Player' button on top of the player's table, which will display all players you own. In that screen, simply press the green '' button, when available [FAQ 6.14]. Once the player is added to your team, you may also manage him, for instance adding more shares or selecting him as captain [FAQ 6.16].

There may be many reasons why you cannot add a player, being the most common one the fact that his team is already playing or has already played for the applicable matchday [FAQ 8.16].

Another common scenario is that, considering the league positional constraints, you do not have free spots left to add a player with the target player's position [FAQ 6.11]. In this case, depending on the league setup and timing, you may try to remove a player from the same position first and, then, add the target player to your selection.

It can also be the case that the player is eligible for selection but all of his shares you own are already subject to another use (e.g. used in other league or listed for sale [FAQ 4.17]).

To support you in understanding these limitations, you may refer to the icon/data that is displayed in the right end of the row (i.e. in the location of the green add button), as well as to its tooltip which details the constraint you are facing.

In the team selection, for each player, you will be able to find basic information about him, his match and date for the selected gameday, the shares used and captaincy and, if he has already played and been rated, both his rating and the points considering the applicable multipliers [FAQ 6.19].

You are also able to check if you are meeting the squad size and position requirements and navigate to the team selection of other users in your league or to other matchdays, using the dropdown boxes available. Next to the user avatar, you can always see the league points accumulated for the given matchday.

Once you have selected a player, and as long as the player is not yet blocked [FAQ 6.17], and other conditions are met [FAQ 6.18], you may do the following actions on a specific player:

  • Add a share: as long as you have enough shares available, you may increment the number of shares of a player thus making is rating weight more than the others [FAQ 6.19];
  • Select as captain: you may select a specific player as your captain for the round [FAQ 6.21];
  • Remove a share: you may remove a player's share and reduce the player's rating weight in comparison with others, whilst making the removed share available for other leagues or sale [FAQ 4.17];
  • Remove a player: if the player only has one share left and you remove it, the player will be automatically removed from your team selection for the upcoming or ongoing matchday.

You may add players and manage them on your league until their team's match for the current matchday has started, according to the calendar presented in FOOTBID and made available by our specialized providers [FAQ 8.2].

Once the player's team as started playing or has already played, the only change you can make is removing him as captain by selecting any other eligible player in your team to do so (i.e. a player whose team has not started playing or played yet).

There may be many reasons why you cannot add a player, being the most common one the fact that his team is already playing or has already played for the applicable matchday [FAQ 8.16].

Another common scenario is that you will not be able to 'Add a share' to a player in your team selection as you do not own them or because all other shares are already subject to another use (e.g. used in other league or listed for sale [FAQ 4.17]). In any case, you can always go to the Market!

The 'points' a attributed to a selected player [FAQ 6.13] on a given matchday will be based on his real-life rating, multiplied by the number of shares used, plus one if the player was selected as the team captain [FAQ 6.21].

For instance, a player who was selected with 3 shares for the applicable matchday, has a rating of 7.1 on his game and has been nominated team captain will represent 28.4 'points' for your team (7.1 x (3 + 1)). On the other hand, a player who was selected with 2 shares, has a rating of 5.6 and is not your captain will score 11.2 'points' for your team (5.6 x 2). Note that a selected player who does not play on the matchday will have a rating of 0.0, thus receiving 0 'points', regardless of the number shares used.

In order to compute your 'matchday points', all 'points' from your players are summed up and divided by the number of 'shares used' (representing the average of points you were able to win per share used). A very important factor for your this calculation is that a share for each 'player missing' (i.e. if you selected less players than the league's squad size) will be added to the number of 'shares used' [FAQ 6.22].

Your 'total points' displayed on ' Standings' [FAQ 6.12], will simply be the sum of your 'matchday points' since the beginning of the league!

For instance, consider the following scenario:

  • The league demands a squad size of 5 players;
  • You have selected 3 players (thus 2 'players missing'), who performed as follows;
  • Player 1: 2 shares, 7.5 rating, captain - 22.5 'points';
  • Player 2: 1 share, 8.1 rating - 8.1 'points';
  • Player 3: 4 shares, did not play - 0.0 'points';
  • You have a total of 9 'shares used' (7 'shares rated', 2 from 'players missing');
  • You score a total of 30.6 'gross points';
  • You score 3.4 'matchday points' (which are added to your 'total points').

You may check this information on any ' Team Selection', simply considering the 'points' calculated for each player in the rating column and by using the tooltip on the 'matchday score' tag, displayed in the bottom of the user's avatar, both in that screen and on ' Standings'.

League points are recalculated whenever FOOTBID receives new information about games already played and the respective players ratings [FAQ 8.2].

As players who have not yet played may still be managed (e.g. removed), these are not considered at all for interim point calculation, thus following the rule applied when a number of insufficient players is used [FAQ 6.22]. This means that all players who are not yet scored, as any empty spot left in your squad, will be temporarily scored with a rating of 0.0 and 1 share only.

With this approach, you may check yours and your opponents 'matchday points' accumulating and, most likely, rising throughout the weekend!

As described in the point calculation rules [FAQ 6.19], if you select a captain, one additional 'free' share will be considered.

Nonetheless, do note that if you place a significant bet on a specific player, making him your team captain and/or applying a significant number of shares, his weight will be significant for the matchday point calculation both in a scenario where he is the MVP and in a scenario where he plays poorly - or not at all!

Note: Before 8/6/2020, the captain armband would not result in an extra 'free' share but in doubling the number of shares played. As this initial approach resulted in an overpowered capitancy, the 'free' share model was introduced to effectively reward the users who skillfully select the better squad.

As described in the point calculation rules [FAQ 6.19], if you are missing one or more players for a specific round you will NOT make 0 points. Point calculation will consider each missing player to be a player with a rating of 0.00 and 1 share only, whilst keeping the players you did select valid and eligible to give you the points you need to win the league.

League points are updated every night, together with the update of the player's sporting stats and fixture data. Nevertheless, there may be the case that information takes longer to be made available by our specialized providers [FAQ 8.2].

In any case, no matchday will be concluded or league finished before all information is available, even if it takes longer than expected. If a game is not, nor will be, available, we will conduct a case-by-case analysis and attempt to implement the possible corrective measures.

Once all matchdays in the scope of a league calendar are finished (i.e. matchdays that start and finished within the league duration), and only if all scores are already available, the league will be finished and the final standings will be computed.

Then, the prizes will be distributed depending on the total prize pot accumulated, which considers the sum of all entry fees of the participants without any discounts, and the prize distribution methodology defined on league creation:

  • WTA (Winner Takes All): the full prize pot will be given to the user that finishes on 1st place;
  • Top 3: the users who finish on 1st to 3rd will be awarded, with a prize pot distribution of 50% / 35% / 15%, respectively;
  • Top 5: the users who finish on 1st to 5th will be awarded, with a prize pot distribution of 40% / 30% / 15% / 10% / 5%, respectively.