Last updated on: 08/06/2020

Yes. On the 'Player Page' you may select the ' Sports Performance' section which will display detailed stats about the player's performance during this season's official competitions [FAQ 8.3].

Besides his overall season stats and rating comparison with other players ('Season Data'), you can check the evolution of a player's performance throughout the selected competitions. Additionally, you may consult his detailed stats for a specific fixture ('Match Data') by clicking on the '' button in the respective fixture row ('Fixture List').

All player and club related data is purchased by FOOTBID to its suppliers, with a focus on API-Football (

This information includes the ratings calculated for the fantasy leagues. These are based on the statistics of each player compared to those of other players in the same league, taking into account their field positions.

Hence, the platform has no control over the speed of upload or correction of sports data, which usually will take around one to two days to be made available to FOOTBID.

At this moment, FOOTBID is exclusively showcasing players from the Portuguese League teams.

Nevertheless, all image and commercial rights belong to their legal holders and are not held or commercialized in any way by the platform. All relevant data is provided by our suppliers [FAQ 8.2].

Keep tuned in for more news in the near future!

Yes, in the Dashboard and Market related pages. Whenever you find the time period dropdown with a specific period (e.g. '1W') you may change it to another reference period that better suits your analysis and/or provide you with extra insight.

In the time period icon and list, the first char is a number and the second a letter, referring to the time interval. For instance, '3M' will mean that you will filter the latest 3 months ('M') up to the current moment.

Note that changing the time period may significantly change the data, charts and their colours [FAQ 8.6] as the starting point being considered for trend analysis is significantly different.

Every chart in FOOTBID includes a icon with a tooltip that briefly describes the purpose and data displayed. To check the tooltip just click the icon or stop your cursor above it for over 1 second.

It really depends on the purpose of the chart:

  • Evolution and asset breakdown charts: yellow represents coins, green represents positions that are increasing in value (i.e. comparing the indicator at start date of the reference period [FAQ 8.4] and at the present time), red represents positions that are decreasing in value and grey usually represents other positions or complementary info;
  • Order related charts: green represents buy orders, red represents sell orders and grey represents complementary info;
  • Player distribution charts: colours do not have any specific meaning and are just used to differentiate different options (e.g. clubs or age intervals).

Throughout the FOOTBID platform, players and users can be viewed either in list format or in card format. To change this view setting click on (list) or on (cards) whenever available (i.e. Portfolio, Market and Network menus)

Please note that for mobile connections, in order to properly fit all screen sizes, the available option is the cards view.

The number on the right hand side of your name is your 'total value of your assets' [FAQ 2.11], which is composed by (i) 'coins available for investment' and (ii) 'portfolio value'.

The 'coins available for investment' represents your currently available cash balance, including any dividends or paybacks you have already received from your investments [FAQ 2.8].

The 'portfolio value' represents the current value of your investments in players. Please note that the current value of each player is calculated through their latest price on the Market [FAQ 4.12] and considers both the initial 'investment in player portfolio' [FAQ 2.9] and the 'portfolio value change' [FAQ 2.10].

The and icons represent any positive or negative changes on the value of your portfolio considering all of your ongoing investments.

The notification alert next to your avatar in the navbar appears whenever you still have unread notifications on your ' Hub'. The number displayed represents the number of unread notifications, considering only those which do not emerge from your actions [FAQ 2.5]. To quickly navigate to them, just click this notification alert!

The small badge next to your name (and, sometimes, in the corner of a user's avatar) represents yours or his skill level. There are currently 4 main skill levels: 'amateur', 'scout', 'semi-pro' and 'pro', each with 3 sub-levels.

In order to climb these levels, a user will have to perform either buying or selling transactions in the platform. Pssst, don't tell anyone, but there's actually a 5th skill level, exclusive for the most experienced users. Anyone who gets there, receives a prize from FOOTBID!

Yes. You can edit your profile by clicking your own avatar, on the upper right hand side of the screen and selecting ' Edit Profile'.

In here you can edit your email, first name, last name, birthdate, country of birth, favourite team, security model [FAQ 8.11], newsletter subscription and photo. You may also change your password by following the 'Change password' link.

Please note that in order to edit your information, your current password will be required to confirm the changes.

The security model, configurable through the ' Edit Profile' menu, is what determines who can see your portfolio details, investment history, league performance and other relevant information. It may assume one of the following values:

  • Open: anyone will be able to see your details (default value);
  • Friends: only your friends will be able to see your details;
  • Closed: no one will be able to see your details, not even your friends.

Please note that, regardless of the selected security model, all users will still be able to see a limited number of information on your investments through the Network module, including rank, avatar, name, country, skill level, favourite team, total portfolio amount, number of players, key player investments, number of active buy / sell orders and overall performance.

Yes. You can temporarily suspend your account by following the 'Suspend account' link on the ' Edit Profile' menu. This action will not erase your personal data or progress but will block any new actions.

Once you're ready to come back, you can reactivate your account through the 'Reactivate my account' link, available on all pages of the platform.

Yes. You can delete your account by following the 'Delete account' link on the ' Edit Profile' menu. This action will erase your personal data and progress permanently, only storing anonymized historical data needed for the coherence of the FOOTBID platform (e.g. transaction history).

Please note that this action is permanent and you will not be able to reactivate your account afterwards. All of your personal data will be permanently deleted and FOOTBID will no longer recognize you.

You can report any bugs you identify through the 'Feedback' link on the footer section. You may also provide any feedback that will help us improve FOOTBID through the same link.

We sincerely appreciate all your feedback and will take it into consideration on future versions of FOOTBID!