Last updated on: 08/06/2020

The Portfolio displays, under the ' My Players' and ' Market Info' sections, all of the players you are currently investing in, as well as the number of shares held and other relevant information. You may also check your transfer history (player-by-player on a buy / sell logic) and transaction statement on tabs ' Transfer History' and ' Balance' respectively.

The sections in the Portfolio enable you to analyse your past and current investments in different perspectives:

  • My Players: displays all players for which you currently own shares;
  • Market Info: displays the 'market' data for the players on your portfolio, similar to the Market views [FAQ 4.1];
  • Transfer History: displays the log of shares bought and, when applicable, sold (including the respective profit or loss);
  • Balance: displays your transaction statement with all movements to your available coins.

A player will be added to your Portfolio as soon as you purchase one of his shares and will remain there until you have sold all of his shares. In other words, the Portfolio shows all of the players for which you have shares at the moment, displaying the number of shares held on the notification (and their breakdown as tooltip) on the upper left hand side of the player photo.

Just as in the Market, you can buy or sell a share from one of your players directly on the Portfolio menu, under the ' Market Info' section, through the best price 'Buy @ (best price)' and 'Sell @ (best price)' buttons or by configuring a given order on the icon [FAQ 4.6 / 4.7].

Yes. A player's total cost is displayed on the 'Investment' column of the ' My Players' section, which sums the individual cost of each share bought for that player.

To see the total cost of your portfolio you may use the Dashboard, namely through the 'investment in player portfolio' card [FAQ 2.9].

Yes. On the 'Change' column of the ' My Players' section you can see your players' total value change (since his shares were bought) both in absolute and percentual figures, as well as the average change per share.

To see the total change in value of your portfolio you may use the Dashboard, namely through the 'portfolio value change' card [FAQ 2.10].

Yes. Any player's individual value can be checked on the 'Value' column of the ' My Players' section. This amount is calculated based on the latest market price for that player's shares [FAQ 4.12], multiplied by the number of that player's shares you hold on your portfolio.

To check the current value of the shares you hold you may use the small dashboard on the navbar, in particular the amount close to the icon. For a more detailed analysis, you may also consider the values presented on the Dashboard, namely under the ' Financial Data' section [FAQ 2.11].

Yes. On the ' Market Info' tab of the Portfolio module, you can see information such as the value change, number of transactions executed and a visual representation of the share price evolution for a given time period [FAQ 8.4].

In this tab, you may also check the latest market price of your players, as well as any shares being currently bought or sold for each of them. For additional clarifications refer to the 'Market' chapter of the FAQs.

Yes. Besides the information displayed on the Portfolio, you can individually analyse your current and historical investments in one player by entering in the 'Player Page' and consulting the tabs ' Investment Data' and ' Transfer Log', respectively.

On the 'Player Page' you may also check additional information, such as ' Sports Performance' (including his current form and key figures) and ' Market Data' (including his share price evolution, transaction volume and information on orders placed).

The ' Transfer History' tab displays only player shares transactions. With a share-by-share logic, you can easily see specific information associated with each investment (such as the name of the player, number of days holding the share, purchase / sale type, date and price) and, if already sold, any profit or loss incurred with the transfer. On the 'Sale Info' column of the table you can also check any fees paid to FOOTBID, due to the order matching service on the secondary market.

On the other hand, the ' Balance' tab lists all transactions (player related or otherwise) performed in FOOTBID with an impact on your coin balance. In the same way as an ordinary bank statement, you may consult all credits and debits associated to your account, on a simple and descriptive form.

By holding a player's shares in your Portfolio you may use him in Leagues with friends and other users from the FOOTBID platform and be eligible to win competition prizes [FAQ 6.13].

Additionally, every day that you log in, you will receive a daily dividend depedent on the overall sports quality of the players you hold, measured by the 'portfolio weighted rating' [FAQ 4.6].

The daily dividend received will then be calculated using a rate calculated by dividing the 'portfolio weighted rating' by 1 000, which is applied to the eligible portfolio [FAQ 2.11] (i.e. excluding any players who may not have been rated yet this season, for his current club, on eligible competitions [FAQ 8.3]).